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Take your team to the next level

By utilising the data in your CRM to power real-time competitions, OneUp helps modern sales leaders to drive the behaviours that lead to more sales.

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In a League of Their Own

Leagues are traditional sales contests taken to the next level.
Reignite the competitive spark in your team and go for glory.

The OneUp League system enables you to create fun, dynamic, and highly engaging sales competitions that will instantly bring a competitive edge back to your team.

Define the metrics you want to drive forward, choose your players, outline the prize, and then set them loose. We promise they will exceed your expectations.


Mission Possible

Missions are collaborative competitions that get your team working harder, together.

OneUp Missions will have your team working together towards a shared goal, while encouraging each other to maximise their efforts.

Set metrics based upon the sales behaviour you want drive, create your teams, define the prizes, and then it's ready, steady, go! It's time to prove the old saying; Team work makes the dream work.

Break it Down

Take a step back and look at the bigger picture with the performance breakdown.

The Performance Breakdown gives you an interactive, easy-to-digest view into your team's performance. Select the time period and the metrics you want to see and drill down into what each member of your team has been up to.

Whether it’s over the course of a day, week, month, or even a year, the performance breakdown allows both you and your team to evaluate where they are strong, where they might need a little extra help.


You don't need spreadsheets to excel

The analytics suite helps turn data into meaningful actions that drive the results you want to see.

Your CRM should provide you with a wealth of information for very granular, detailed reports, but what if you just want a quick and easy visualisation of your team’s performance, available with just a few clicks? With the OneUp analytics toolset you select the data you want to see, hit build and away you go.

Pick and choose how you want to slice the data up and see who's leading the pack, or who’s falling behind. If you need to your share your report with different stakeholders in the business, export your masterpiece as a PDF and sent it off in seconds.

All peaks, no valleys

Dashboards will have your teams operating at peak levels at all times.
Give accountability of performance back to your staff and watch them shine.

What would happen if you gave your teams the ability to monitor and access their own performance? OneUp's performance dashboards enable staff to truly own their KPIs. No more 'how am I doing?' questions aimed at the sales manager, lots more 'what can I be doing?' questions aimed at themselves.

By creating a sense of ownership and responsibility, your team feel empowered and motivated to hit their numbers without any intervention from management.

TV Display.jpg

Your Business on the Big Screen

It’s time to give your sales whiteboard the Hollywood treatment.
Red carpet not included.

For all the technology that's available to us in the world today, sales teams have barely progressed beyond using whiteboards. One of the true cornerstones of the OneUp platform, OneUp TV is the real-time visualisation solution your sales team needs. You can build an unlimited number of slideshows crafted with a variety of slide types: leaderboards, videos, missions, birthdays and plenty more.

Each slide updates in real-time and is highly customisable, enabling you to create a slideshow for any environment: the sales floor, reception or the board room to name but a few.

Hungry for more?

Nothing beats a personal walkthrough of the OneUp platform - don't be shy, ask all the questions you like! 

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