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Take your sales team to the next level

 Make managing performance and motivating your team easy with OneUp Sales, enabling you to put the focus on what really matters - driving the behaviours that lead to more sales.

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Activity management software for the modern sales team


Spreadsheets a little bland? Whiteboards in need of an update?

With all the data sales leaders have access to thanks to the 'CRM Revolution', running incentives on a whiteboard is wasting the huge value modern applications like OneUp Sales can deliver to a sales team.

Through a combination of real-time visual displays and innovative gamified competitions, OneUp strives to take the modern sales team to the next level.

How does it work?

Built for Everyone

Work as a team, win as a team.

Sales Team

Ownership, engagement and
personal improvement
  • Track personal and group targets
  • Empowerment by results visualisation
  • Compete in gamified sales competitions
  • Public recognition through OneUpTV

Sales Managers

Less time managing,
more time leading
  • Automated, real-time data imports
  • Boost morale with competitions
  • Publicly recognise team wins
  • Analytics and report generation


Improved culture, easy analytics
and increased productivity
  • Increased CRM adoption
  • Reduce staff turnover by engagement
  • Performance at-a-glance via reports
  • Create an engaging, fun work environment

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