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Partners & Clients

Our Clients

Curious to know who else is using OneUp and how they're finding the experience? Look no further. Below are quotes from a few of our clients who are enjoying what OneUp has to offer.

David Annabelle
Franklin Fitch

"For years we had been searching for a way to visually motivate and acknowledge our key performers, as well as identifying the staff we needed to give a little more time to. We finally managed to find a solution through OneUp Sales.

Their hands on and enthusiastic attitude made the implementation a breeze, and the platform has quickly become an essential element in streamlining and driving the growth we want to see from our business!"

Matthew Weller
Business Systems Manager

"We were looking for a way to better engage our staff with their targets and KPIs. Working with OneUp and their gamification solution, we have been able to provide a platform which allows our staff to compete and compare their performance against others in the business.

The OneUp team have excelled in understanding our business and needs, and expertly delivered a solution that matches our business targets."

Jamie Rodden
Managing Director
Sheridan Maine

"One Up Sales has proven to be a fantastic tool to both monitor and motivate our team.

Comparing the same period last year without One Up Sales I am left in no doubt that the product has had a positive impact on our performance"

Our Partners

We believe collaboration and team work drives success. That's why we strive to team up with market-defining providers who have the same goals as us - to disrupt and change their sectors.



Chameleon-i is a fantastic CRM choice for growing recruitment agencies. Here at OneUp we admire their 'no set up costs, no annual contracts and no long term tie in' ethos; it shows complete faith in their own product and fills us with confidence when recommending them to our clients.

If you're looking for a new CRM that comes ready to go with OneUp Sales, we'd be happy to facilitate an introduction.


Partner with OneUp

Think OneUp can offer value to your customers? Looking to add an additional revenue stream to your business? Then let's talk.

Partnerships make customers lives easier. The most frustrating moment for them (and us!) is when their systems can't talk to OneUp.

Let's solve this problem together - marketing@oneupsales.co.uk