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5 perfect moments to celebrate your consultants’ performance

It's official: happy teams sell more. If you're looking to inject some fun into your office life, read on for some great ideas.

Video game makers have long used core loops to motivate players. Core loops are linked activities that lead to a dopamine hit. Take an action, get feedback, feel good – it's that simple. But 72% of workers get praised less than once a week. That's a lot of missed opportunities for creating good habits and good feelings.

Here are five perfect moments to celebrate with your consultants:

1) When placements are made


2) When key metrics are delivered

This could be interviews for white-collar recruitment or jobs filled for blue collar.

3) Smaller targets and little wins

For example, hitting phone times for the day. If you only mark the big milestones, resourcers could end up feeling isolated (as they won't be closing revenue themselves!)

4) When whole-team or business targets are achieved

Business targets create context for team members. Celebrating them together helps to create a great company culture that will keep the team together for longer.

5) Milestones on a structured promotion path

If hitting £250K in a year triggers promotion, there’s nothing worse than management missing it. Have your congratulations ready on time, every time.

Build a culture of celebration

A sincere, personal 'thank you' goes a long way. On its own, it can get a bit boring though. How would you add variety and a bit of 'wow' to your team celebrations? Here are a few ideas from the OneUp party store:

Personal theme tunes

Put the deal bell back in the cupboard. Let each team member choose a personal anthem (or pick one for them). You could also record personalised voice messages or rig up some rapturous applause. Would your team get a kick out of this?

TV screen triggers

Take some of the admin out of team recognition. Automatic TV screen triggers link to your OneUp dashboard and broadcast good news to the whole office. It's a great way to foster some friendly competition and make team members feel recognised.

Variable rewards are another great idea to borrow from the video game sector. The surprise factor of a creative 'well done' only adds to the good feeling generated.

When it comes to getting your office energised, the sky's the limit. Or rather, your imagination is.

If you'd like some help or ideas, our friendly team is here to help. Book A Demo now.

Photos by Pablo Heimplatz and Scott Warman on Unsplash

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