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Boosting Sales Productivity with OneUp Sales

OneUp Sales helps thousands of teams boost sales productivity every day. Check out just some of the ways we help.

Celebrating Success as a Team

Deal Triggers

Every salesperson loves being recognised and revered for their performance. OneUp’s triggers system lets you catch a variety of events – booking a meeting, logging 5 deals in a month, or hitting £500k in lifetime revenue – which can be turned into lively celebrations on your TVs. Individuals can select custom deal songs to make sure everyone know it’s their turn in the spotlight.


Whiteboards get boring because they never change. OneUp TV has over a dozen slide types for you to choose from to keep your stats fresh and engaging. From leaderboards showing target achievement through to YouTube videos and cross-team performance totals, there’s a slide type for every scenario.

Clear Goals & Progress


The average salesperson uses 6 systems to carry out their role every day – that’s a lot of places to pull reports from as a manager! OneUp integrations with dozens of systems to ensure your data is all in one place. From CRMs to VOIP systems to timesheet software, we’ve got you covered.


The average manager spends over an hour every day configuring and analysing reports. OneUp’s view management system enables you to configure reports with rolling time periods which can then be saved for later viewing. Reporting takes seconds rather than hours so you can spend your time doing more of what matters.


Whether you want to motivate individuals or your whole team, Gamify has a competition type for the occasion. Points-based leagues are great for driving internal competition, collaborative missions work best for uniting individuals, and challenges are king at creating fiery head-to-head contests where your salespeople set the stakes.

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