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Managing Sales Performance Remotely with OneUp Sales

The C-word (coronavirus, not the other one!) is disrupting every part of our professional lives. Meetings cancelled, deals delayed, and staff wondering what comes next.

Many companies are turning to home working as part of their contingency plans. After all, no company is likely to be able to endure a downturn of business if half of their workforce falls ill.

We’ve been speaking to a number of our clients about their OneUp setup and how they can best utilise our product to effectively manage a team that has become used to working in an office. Rather than keeping that information private, we wanted to share it with both clients and future ones.

Here’s a brief summary of how the platform can help you through these testing times.

Provide your team with easy transparency of their performance

Having a sales manager to regularly review and guide performance isn’t uncommon. Weekly 121s, goal-setting and self-management are key processes that many of our clients use. None are easy to do without face-to-face guidance or a whiteboard to keep performance visible and transparent.

OneUp’s dashboard has been used for years to give salespeople and consultants absolute clarity on where they’re at. Green, yellow and red dials give an immediate heads up of “am I doing enough to hit my goals?”. If the answer is no, there’s action the salesperson can then take to address that.

Use Matrix reporting to get an instant view on team performance

You don’t have time amidst adapting to a working from home environment to call every member of your team and ask how they’re doing. And you certainly don’t have time to wait for reports to be built for you by someone else in the business.

The Matrix page within OneUp has been our flagship reporting feature for sales leaders for quite some time now. All stats from all systems pulled into a single-page view, ready to go in real-time? That’s efficiency. Level up your reporting game by creating and saving critical views. We advise one for call stats (review 4 times a day), one for pipeline activities (twice a day), and deal activity (once a day). It’s a few minutes out of your day to ensure you can take corrective action if necessary. Better with it than without!

Motivate teams with triggers and competitions

Home can be a lonely, isolated place to be when you’re working. For salespeople who are used to noisy, energetic environments, the transition can be difficult.

Teams around the world have used OneUp’s triggers to celebrate deals, meetings and much more for some time now. Whilst it might feel odd opening up a TV display on a laptop or monitor at home, the celebrations for when other remote members of the team achieve something great can be a massive motivational boost. It also helps that your team can see what everyone else is doing performance wise, creating the awareness that might be missing in a home environment.

Alternatively, running team competitions (we recommend Missions especially) can be a great team-wide motivator and serve as a good reminder that no one is alone during these tough times.

There are no doubt other ways to maintain a transparent, motivated team environment outside of OneUp. But in making the best of a bad situation, you might find OneUp more useful than you bargained for. If you’re a client, get in touch with the support team and we’ll do our best to make your transition as painless as possible (whether you’ve done it yet or are preparing for it). If you’re not, we’re offering an express setup service so you won’t find yourself stuck in the mud when the time comes.

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