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Introducing The New Dashboard

Releasing Monday 21st October

New Dashboard

We have a special announcement – we’re launching our new dashboard! At OneUp we’re always striving to make our product better with the introduction of additional features and refreshing older parts of the platform. We recently took the decision to make a big improvement to our product by completely redesigning it from the ground up. We started the process of working on some awesome new features that we can’t wait to share with you in the coming months.

With each release we will deliver a dive into the new features and functionality we’ve added to the platform. To kick off our first release of the V2 product, we’re excited to introduce the new dashboard. It’s the same dashboard you’ve come to love, but with a lick of paint. In this post, we’ll take you through what to expect. Enjoy!

Powerful Date Filtering

Powerful Dates

Redesigned and optimised to be quicker, date selection is now much easier. Simply click the date picker and select your dates from either the dropdown or the new calendar view.

Beautiful Targets

New dashboard targets
Dashboard Targets

Target dials have always been a stand out feature on the dashboard. We’ve spruced them up with a fresh lick of paint 🎨

Targets dials are designed to let you see, at a glance, how the salesperson is performing and whether or not they’re on track to meet their target. We’ve updated the look and feel of the dials to show you current progress, the expected value (formally ideal value) and a colour representing the progress.

Leagues & Missions

New dashboard missions and leagues
Missions & Leagues

Perhaps the biggest changes to the dashboard are the leagues and missions cards. We’ve reimagined these from the ground up to deliver you the information that matters, giving you quick and easy insight into the details on each of your competitions.

Leagues and missions now have a similar look and feel, leveraging tabs to make it simple to switch between views. Whether you’re looking to see an overview or drill down into greater detail, everything can be done from the dashboard.

A New Way To Navigate

New dashboard sidebar

The new sidebar delivers you a fresh approach to navigating the OneUp app. All of your main pages are located in the sidebar on the left, with subpages contained within a slick slideout menu. Furthermore, we’ve added descriptions for each page so that you can quickly understand what each can be used for.

Top Navigation

New dashboard top Navigation
Top Navigation

In addition to the changes on the sidebar, we’re delivering a new top navigation bar equipped with in-app notifications, a link to your profile, support chat options, and a logout button.

Supporting The Old

Old product leagues
Leagues View With New Skin

As a push to deliver the best OneUp possible, we’re adding loads of high-value features. These features will be released gradually, allowing you to adapt to new features bit by bit, and giving us plenty of time to make sure we can deliver the best sales gamification platform possible.

You will be able to access your new dashboard by logging in on or after the release date.

We can’t wait to release our next page, stay tuned for more!

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