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The hard truth about gamification in recruitment

Gamification is a concept most people have heard of but very few truly understand. It’s not surprising then that there are many unconvinced individuals who can’t see a clear ROI from adopting gamification.

Thanks to our friends at Inside Sales, the truth is easy to see – gamification works. In their State of Sales Development 2018 report, they investigated how 320 companies use a myriad of tools and methods to smash their targets.

The results are pretty staggering.

Quote attainment compared to no technology

Pay attention to the blue squares!

You read that right: gamification technology is increasing quota attainment by almost 10%. Not only that, it’s in the top 5 ways to do so.

We’re no strangers to gamification and the advantages it offers as we’ve been building a platform around it for 3 years. But if you need more convincing, read on.


Motivating with more than money

A great quote from the report that we loved was this one:

INSIGHT: Many organizations believe compensation is the way to continue motivating sales development reps to achieve their quota; this data forces us to question that assumption for some companies. Our recommendation is to find a dollar amount that feels appropriate, then begin looking for other ways to motivate, e.g. culture, gamification, club, public recognition etc.

It feels almost too obvious. Giving someone money and sending them on their way does nothing but pad out their bank account and create “shallow loyalty” between your business and them. If they can make more money elsewhere, why wouldn’t they leave?

Now imagine they’re making slightly less money, but are:

  • Regularly recognised for their hard work
  • Feel part of something greater than just a sales commission
  • Enjoy a competitive-but-healthy environment through gamification

Are they more or less likely to leave? We guarantee it’s the former. Rewarding and recognising your team is going to generate considerably better results than merely watching some charts fluctuating up and down and watching your cash flow like a hawk.

On that note…


Analytics at the bottom

This one will come as a surprise to many.

When pitching our sales motivation platform, we often come up against analytics tools when prospects are searching for a vendor for visualising data and motivating their teams. One of the top points we stress to reinforce is that data in isolation does nothing. You might have some pretty graphs and charts, and you can tell that your CV to interview ratio is 2.34 – fantastic. How are you going to improve it? That’s where these tools fall down: there’s no follow up to help change that!

Tools that use gamification and seek to motivate individuals to do more help you move the needle. It’s all good being told that you need to change, but without direction or the tools to help you do so, you’re straight back at square 1.


The bottom line is that gamification works – 320 companies can’t be wrong. Can you afford to be?

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