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The Power Behind Views

Every day decisions are made, the best decisions are made with the backing of data. As a business, you deserve to have the power of your data at your fingertips for whenever you need to call upon it most. With views on the Matrix, we’ve made that super easy 🍋.

This week we’re continuing our series of Matrix posts with a peer into the world of views on the Matrix. We’ll show you how to leverage the power of views to the best of your ability.

The Matrix is one of our most popular parts of the OneUp platform and is trusted and relied upon by sales managers and MD’s across the world. Put simply, the Matrix allows you to see a grid of all of your employee's data across a range of different metrics of your choosing with a specified time period. Need to see how your team are performing this week or getting some data ready for a board report? The Marix has you covered. If you would like to speak to us about your use case, let’s have a chat 💬

But first, what are views?

Matrix views demo
Views In Action

Views are our way of enabling you to save a copy of your exact configuration and layout of your Matrix page so that you can easily load it back up at a later date without having to go through the faff of setting it all up again. Oh yeah – we also refresh all of your data automatically whenever you load the view. It doesn’t get easier than that 😏!

More Powerful View Management 💥

View Management Matrix

Having views is great and all but eventually you're going to need to take control and manage them. We rebuilt the view manager from the ground up to make it super easy for you to do this. With this rebuild comes to an exciting long-requested feature, default views. From the view manager action column, you can now set a view to be default meaning each time you load your matrix your view will automatically load in! What can we say, we just love saving you precious clicks 🐁.

Have you ever saved a file and made a mistake? We’ve all been there. With the new view manager, we’ve made it super easy to rectify your naming mistakes with the new rename action. Click on the pencil in the action column and you’ll be able to rename your view.

You may also want to share your brand new view around with your colleagues for a board meeting or perhaps you’re just showing off – whatever the reason you can generate a unique link to your view by clicking the paperclip icon. We even copy this link directly to your clipboard for you so you can share your view with ease.

Lastly, we recommend favouriting your favourite views by clicking the star icon. This will make your views super easy to find in the future and will make them bubble up to the top of the view manager dropdown.

Easy Access 🔑

View dropdown matrix
View Dropdown

Sometimes you just need to quickly load in a view without the bother of opening up a whole window. We hear you 👂🏽. That’s why we’ve made it really quick to access your views. By opening up the view dropdown you will get a list of your views grouped by whether you have favourite them or not. Make sure to favourite the views which you use the most as they will appear right at the top of this dropdown for you.

If you’re the type of person that has a lot of views or perhaps you’re just feeling lazy and can’t be bothered to read through all the options then fear not, you can also start typing the name of your view and it will filter down the list for you. How convenient is that!

Simpler Saving 💾

Save View Matrix
Save View

Last but certainly not least we have revamped the way in which you save views on the matrix. When you’ve set up your view and it’s looking 👌🏼 head over to the floppy disk icon to save your view. If you’ve already got a view loaded, we’ll give you the option to overview that view with the changed you’ve made. Saving really doesn’t get any easier than this!

Once a view is saved, you will be able to instantly access the view from either the view dropdown or the view manager. Our customers absolutely love the ability to save views, whether it’s loading a weekly KPI report or seeing a report of the vital health metrics for your company, anything is possinble with the Matrix.

In case you missed it…

Upon the launch of the Matrix, we ran a webinar where we deep-dived into all of the new additions and changes we had made. A lot of our customers found this webinar really useful, so we decided to make it public! If you’d like to hear about the matrix first hand then you can take a look.

Next week we’ll be running the last part of our Matrix series where we will cover some general use cases. Catch you then!

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