Taking sales teams to the next level

We've created the "sales engagement trifecta", a formula to increase engagement, boost productivity and build the sales teams of the future.


Use OneUp's dashboards and analytical tools to identify opportunities to drive the key behaviours you want to see more of.


Create competitions, enable your team to issue challenges and display public leaderboards to engage your team around these behaviours.


Publicise key information and competitions through attractive displays using OneUp TV - watch your team transform into an engaged powerhouse!

Event Flashes (February 2018)

Ever wanted to make a song and dance out of a key event in your office like a new deal or a meeting being booked?
Now you can with OneUp's event flashes!

Customisable, real-time TV displays

Give your whiteboard the Hollywood treatment* with OneUp TV.
*Red carpet not included.

One of the true cornerstones of the OneUp platform, OneUp TV is a real-time visualisation solution that can show anything you can think of. Build an unlimited number of slideshows using a variety of slides: leaderboards, videos, staff birthdays and plenty more types (14 by our count).

Each slide updates in real-time and is highly customisable, enabling you to create a slideshow for any environment: the sales floor, reception, or the board room.

Automated, flexible sales competitions

Reignite the competitive spark in your team with leagues; points-based contests for individuals and teams.

Create fun, dynamic, and highly engaging sales competitions that fit your needs. Set the prizes, choose the players, create the rules that determine how points are awarded and let us take care of the rest.

No more tacky whiteboards stuffed in the corner and no more confusing, messy spreadsheets.

Collaborative team-based incentives

Missions are team competitions that get your team working together.

Missions are highly effective at engaging the core of your sales team and are great for encouraging teamwork and knowledge-sharing between team members.

Set multiple stretch goals for your team to aim for and watch them rise to the challenge.

Clever performance breakdowns

Forget generating tough-to-configure reports, get the information you need in a flash.

The performance matrix gives you an interactive, easy-to-digest view of your team's performance. Deep dive into what each member of your team has been up to as well as checking out your team's totals.

Whether it’s over the course of a day, week, month, or even a year, the performance matrix enables you to evaluate where OneUp can help drive the behaviours you want to see in your sales team.

Revolutionary head-to-head battles

Let your team take the gloves off in head-to-head battles.

Salespeople are motivated by three key things - money, recognition, and competition. Money is easy, but the other two? Less so.

Challenges enable your team to settle scores on their terms. They set the rules of a head-to-head competition against another member of the team - and the prize for the winner. Whether it's a race to see who can make 100 calls first or who can close the most deals by the close of business on Friday, challenges are sure to shake up the sales floor.

Beautiful, exportable charts

When you want a higher-level view of your data, OneUp's analytics is there to help.

Your CRM should provide you with a wealth of information for very granular, detailed reports, but what if you just want a quick and easy visualisation of your team’s performance, available with just a few clicks? With the OneUp analytics toolset you select the data you want to see, hit build and away you go.

Pick and choose how you want to slice the data up and see who's leading the pack, or who’s falling behind. If you need to your share your report with different stakeholders in the business, export your masterpiece as a PDF and send it off in a flash.

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