What is sales
productivity software?

Create focus around the core behaviours that lead to more sales

Put a clear focus on the key activities that matter to your business.

There's a reason they're called "key" performance indicators - they're the pulse monitors reading the heartbeat of your sales team. That's why for decades we've run incentives against them, tracked them on whiteboards and spreadsheets, and used them to gauge how effective our staff are. The difficulty comes in trying to motivate your team to consistently behave in a way that leads to more sales.

Whether you use our competitions or visualise team performance on OneUp TV, we provide you with a slew of features to keep the numbers that matter in front of your team. Thanks to their naturally competitive nature, your team will strive to show that they can deliver on (and beat) expectations.

Maximise the ROI from your existing systems

You might be invested in your CRM; that doesn't mean your team are.

If you often find yourself wishing your sales team would just be a little more engaged with your CRM system then you're not alone. We all dream of an accurate, data-complete system but the truth is your sales employees would rather just sell. Here at OneUp we can help ensure your team are not just using your CRM, but actively engaging with it.

Our gamified systems invigorate every sales person to make sure everything is correct and accounted for. A missed piece of information can make the difference between a win and a loss in their current league, mission, or head-to-head challenge - and no one wants to lose in sales.

Create a culture of team success, recognition and transparency

We all love being told we're doing a good job. That includes your team.

It's hardwired into our brains to seek out peer approval. It's the reason some of us are addicted to updating our networks across social media - we all want to receive approval for our actions from our peers. Why then, should working in sales be any different?

We help you to create a sales environment where everyone shares in the successes of both the individual, and the team. Showcase your top performers, reward those going the extra mile, and inspire those who need a little extra motivation. By making their numbers transparent and accessible, your team can truly take ownership for their numbers and, crucially, receive peer recognition for their efforts.

Boost engagement levels with real-time feedback and data

Complete action, get feedback, feel good. Simple psychology.

Don’t wait for the quarterly one to one to address any issues and reward any successes. Both your team leaders and your team members have access to instant, real-time feedback on their performance. The ability to see at a glance whether you’re winning the day or lagging behind is a sure-fire way to engage every member of your team. Give them accountability for their own performance with the data to back it up, and watch them flourish.

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